Your farmstead holiday in South Tyrol

Chestnuts, sublime living experiences, and a great holiday

Hi! We’re Margareth and Florian Rohrer, and we often get asked if the name “Castanea” means something. And the answer is yes, it does: Castanea is Latin for “chestnut” and this fruit is the leitmotif of all our apartments. The floorboards and furniture in the holiday apartments are made with chestnut wood, the main colour palette is reminiscent of chestnut trees, and the Castanea is surrounded by… you guessed it! Countless chestnuts. We welcome active holiday-goers, nature lovers as well as people wanting some peace and quiet. Welcome to this special retreat where you can spend some unforgettable moments and make happy memories.

And don’t forget to try out our homemade farm products produced on our family-run farm, the Rohrerhof. Your holiday on a farmstead couldn’t get any better than this.